We provide full Leachate management systems that includes

- Maintenance Plan Development

- Maintenance inspection, condition and process reporting

- Routine inspection and servicing

- Breakdown call out repair services

- Maintenance contracts are available

The Benefits With Our Service

Regulatory Compliance: Landfill sites are subject to various environmental regulations, particularly concerning water quality and waste management. Engaging in regular leachate programmed maintenance helps customers meet regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and minimising the risk of penalties or legal issues.

Storage & Collection: Well-suited systems for extracting leachate from storage structures or collection systems. These pumps can be installed within leachate collection wells or sumps, where they effectively pump out the leachate for further treatment or disposal.

Efficient Waste Management: Effective maintenance of leachate infrastructure ensures the proper functioning of waste management systems. This includes the regular inspection and cleaning of storage structures, which are key components in managing and treating waste. By maintaining these systems, sites can optimise waste management practices, prevent system failures, and ensure the efficient handling of waste on the landfill site.

Longevity of Infrastructure: Regular maintenance of leachate infrastructure helps extend the lifespan of storage structures, tanks, pipelines, and other components. By addressing minor issues promptly and conducting preventive maintenance, can avoid major breakdowns or structural failures, reducing the need for costly replacements and preserving the integrity of their waste management systems.

Environmental Stewardship: Engaging in leachate infrastructure maintenance services aligns landfills with sustainable and responsible practices. By taking proactive measures to manage leachate effectively, sites can reduce their environmental impact, protect local water resources, and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

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