On a farm, several areas may require the expertise of a specialised plumber due to their unique plumbing requirements. Here are many of the areas on a farm 's reticulated water systems where we can help you.

Multistage Pumps: Multistage pumps are designed to provide high-pressure water delivery. They consist of multiple impellers arranged in series to generate increased pressure. These pumps are suitable for applications that require water to be pumped over long distances or to higher elevations.

Solar Pumps: Solar-powered pumps that harness energy from the sun to operate. These pumps are ideal for remote areas where grid power is unavailable or unreliable. They provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water management.

Animal Watering Systems: Farms require reliable and efficient watering systems for animals. This can include water lines, automatic waterers, troughs and tanks. Installing and maintaining these systems, ensuring proper water supply and preventing leaks or contamination issues.

Water Storage and Pumping: Farms often have water storage tanks or dams that require plumbing connections for filling and distribution. Additionally, pumps may be needed to transfer water from storage to various points on the farm.

Bore Holes and Windmills: Installation, maintenance, and repair of the plumbing systems associated with bore pumps, ensuring proper water flow, efficient pumping, and adherence to water licensing regulations.

Farmhouse Plumbing: Plumbing needs within the farmhouse or residential buildings on the farm can also require attention. This may include installation or repair of plumbing fixtures, water heaters, water treatment systems, and wastewater disposal systems. Garden water supply and irrigation systems including garden taps etc.

Water Tanks: Water tanks are commonly used to store rainwater or water from bore holes. Monitoring water tank levels is important for water management planning and is made much easier with remote monitoring.

We can also help in the following areas

  • Stock water monitoring & alarms
  • Farm building plumbing & roofing including wool, hay and machinery sheds
  • General farm plumbing & maintenance
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large water tank with solar controller
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